Custom Orthotics & Shoes

Whether you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, foot pain or some other condition, your chiropractor may want to analyze your gait (walking pattern) to get a more detailed picture of your particular biomechanics.

This along with a specific cast of your foot will allow us to prescribe appropriate custom made orthotics or orthopaedic shoes designed to fit your specific needs.

This diagnostic tool has been specifically engineered to assist with the assessment and diagnosis of a patient’s foot biomechanics.  The TOG GaitScan system measures the distribution of force throughout a patient’s foot during each step, identifying high-pressure areas and gait abnormalities.

This system is equipped with enough sensors and speed to accurately graph pressures exerted during the stance phase of the gait cycle during both walking and running.  This new information, along with a 3D sub-talar neutral cast allows us to provide patients with the most complete assessment possible for custom made orthotics.

TOG GaitScan is the most technologically advanced gait analysis system available for its price and it has been designed to move you to the forefront of orthotic therapy.

Please contact us to discuss GaitScan further.